According to Morgan Stanley Spain is the second best country in Europe for investments in 2013.

Spain after Switzerland, top investing recommendations of Morgan Stanley

In fact, Spain has risen in the ranking up to the second position, only behind Switzerland, reaching its best position since the third term of 2009.
The bank’s experts remarked that estimates on profits have improved in Europe to a point that suggests it will not lose further ground in the short and medium term.
As for Spain, Morgan Stanley explained that its “strategy advisers have highlighted Spain as one of the potential surprises in 2013, along other peripheral euro country members.” Spain has been upgraded on economy rankings to the second position–only behind Switzerland–, its best marks since the third quarter of 2009.
“We expect premium risk spreads between core euro countries’ sovereign bonds and peripherals’ to keep decreasing, even down to 155 basis points to 75 basis points if the European Central Bank activates the outright market transaction program,” the report said.
In the case of France, it has fallen down to the 12th place, while Germany remained among the top five choices for investment.
After analyzing the behavior of the assets in November analyst have advised to invest in Europe rather than in United States. Bank experts firmly believe that the worst danger in Europe is already gone, and assets than the estimations about benefits have improved in the European economy and it will remain in the short and medium term.
Except from Italy, the peripheral countries (Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Greece) are making progress in or order to stabilize its balance of payments, the balance with best results dates back to 1998.
On the other hand, Spain has a high exposure to those countries in Latin America which are already experimenting a enormous growth and this benefits Spain.
According to Morgan Stanley Among the most important companies in the Spanish stock exchange are:

-Banco Santander
-Abertis infraestructuras
The recommendation of investment made by Morgan Stanley is similar to the ones already announced by HSBC and Barclays.